Tax Resolution Representative Options

When it comes time to select tax representation, you have various options: attorneys and enrolled agents. Different types of tax professionals have different areas of expertise within the broad spectrum of taxation.You can browse to know more about tax resolution.

First and foremost, it is important for you to understand that tax preparers at retail tax preparation firms are neither licensed nor qualified to represent you when it comes to collections or audit matters.

Starting in the 2012 tax season, the audit will be requiring that tax preparers take a tax exam to become an unenrolled tax preparer and legally be allowed to file tax returns. Unenrolled tax return preparers are not licensed by anybody to actually represent you in audit matters only to prepare your return and nothing else.

Next, you need to understand that most attorneys do not specialize in tax representation. Even tax attorneys, who specialize in tax matters, normally specialize in tax law, not audit collections or audit representation.

If you are facing a criminal tax investigation or are taking a matter straight to tax court, then an experienced tax attorney is your logical choice. For other types of audit matters, you will probably need somebody with the accounting background on top of the legal background.

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