Differences between ordinary and organic food

A lot of people are graduating towards the use of organic products. For those who are new to the term, they often wonder how is organic food different from the regular one? To help you with this confusion, here are a few differences among the two food types:

  1. The first major difference between organic and conventional food is the use of chemicals. When we take a look at conventional farming methods, farmers use chemical fertilizers to produce large quantities of food crops in a short time. This can be detrimental to the health and the environment. Whereas, in organic farming, natural fertilizers are used for healthier produce.
  2. When we look at the meat products, in conventional methods livestock farmers inject hormones and steroids into the animals in order to make them grow faster and to prevent diseases. On the other hand, organic livestock farmers avoid using chemicals; instead the animals are fed organic feed.
  3. Conventional food is usually produced in larger quantities and is cheaper than organic food. It is better to opt for the more expensive organic food produce that is beneficial for your health.
  4. In addition, another difference is the availability of the food products. Conventional food is readily available at grocery stores. It is easily accessible whereas organic food is sold at specialized stores such as organic stores Brisbane or in special grocery stores that have an organic section.

To conclude, there are various differences between the two types of food and the choice of food depends on the consumer’s preference. 

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