Weight Loss Techniques In Different Cultures

Weight loss has been a part of cultures all around the world, for decades, and even centuries. However, as their lifestyles and cuisines vary, so do their weight loss techniques. Here are some of the most effective and innovative ways of losing weight from different countries of the world.


  • Thailand

Thailand relies heavily on 2 things for weight loss; Spices and Muay Thai. Muay Thai Fitness is a form of martial arts that uses eight points of contact, including hands, feet, arms and elbows. Spices also seem to work, as hot peppers increase your rate of metabolism, as well as slowing down your eating. Both these ways have been adapted all around the world and have proven their effectiveness.

  • Netherlands

Netherlands has a very unique way of helping lose weight. The Dutch prefer bicycles as a means of transportation, and use them for all sorts of daily activities, including going for work. At an average, they travel about 541 miles on a bicycle every year, burning up to 550 calories per hour. Do the math, and you’ll know why they might never get fat.

  • South Africa

While drinking green tea for weight loss has become a common remedy, the South African culture promotes the use of rooibos tea, which is similar, except that it is naturally sweet.

Include these traditional weight loss techniques in your daily life, and see the difference for yourself!

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