Bits and Tidbits about Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers are not lapped dogs or any ordinary household pet. These vibrant and extremely intelligent dogs are working dogs mainly white-bodied so that it may be easily viewed and contains either smooth or rough coating. To get more detail about Jack Russell terrier you may go through

Bits and Tidbits about Jack Russell Terriers

Their features as working dogs will not make them unfit as family pets. In actuality, Jack Russell Terriers are very popular as pets even to households with kids. Following are a few facts potential buyers and Jack Russell owners will need to understand in their Jack Russell Terriers.

O Legend states that Jack Russell was bred by Reverend Jack Russell, a parson, and hunter born in 1795. Nevertheless, it was just after his passing that this strain was known as Jack Russell Terrier.

O depending on the caliber of this Jack Russell Club of America, their dimensions have to vary from 10-15 inches at the withers whereas 12-14 inches at the AKC standard. Their either smooth or rough coating is mostly white with tan, black or brownish markings.

O Even if they're gaining popularity as pets and might love sitting in a lap, then you need to keep in mind that Jack Russell Terriers aren't lapped dogs. They're working dogs! And they want training and routine exercise to keep their temperament and also to keep their smart minds working.

These puppies are friendly and outgoing towards other dogs and mingle with kids readily. However, parents must instruct their kids to not hurt them because those dogs don't endure even accidental abuse. 

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