Items That Every Massage Kit Needs

Once you have your diploma or certificate for being a professional masseur you can start you own work or even work at any spa/salon. In order to attract clients, run a successful and competitive business there are a few things that you must own.

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Following are the must haves for your massage kit:

  • Cards and brochures

First things first, get your business cards and deals printed. This way you’d be able to expand your business and do positive e marketing. More people will get to know about the exciting services that you are offering.

  • Massage Table

A portable massage table is your best option if you are just starting your massage therapy business. If you are working alone then 1 table is enough, however if you plan on hiring several masseurs than you must purchase one table for each masseur.

  • Flannel sheets

Make the massage table a comfortable place to lie down on by covering it with flannel sheets. You should also keep extra pillows in case someone needs a hard pillow for back issues.

  • Essential oil

Essential oils and lotions are a must item when it comes to massage therapy kit. Massages are incomplete without oils and lotions as they are the key ingredients used for applying pressure.

  • Ambience

Set the mood right for the therapy, put on good soothing music and light some scented candles. This makes the atmosphere serene and your client comfortable.

Be nice and helpful towards your clients always and try to make their experience at your spa a memorable one. If you want to be the best in town go for a tafe massage course Sydney wide and get certified.

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