Types Of Access Platforms Used In The Construction Industry

When working in the construction industry a worker needs to have various sets of skills. Workers often need to work with different types of machinery and on risky sites. If they have to work frequently on high areas, they have to use elevated work platforms.


Following are some types of elevated work platforms that are frequently used on a construction site:

1. Protected Systems

When workers need to work on a roofing project, they are exposed to a serious risk of slipping or falling. Falling, even from a small height or few feet, can result in serious injuries. There are different types of work platforms that come with an edge protection system. This type of elevated workstation keeps workers safe when working on elevated surfaces or a roof.

2. Foldable Work Platforms

Foldable elevated work platforms are also called hop-up systems. This type of workstation is considered to be very useful for working on different projects. This platform is usually used by decorators and painters. The good thing about foldable work platforms is that they are light in weight and can easily be transported from one place to another. They also make a safe and sturdy platform for construction workers.

3. Podium Platforms

Podium platforms are used as an alternative to conventional ladders but are more safe and reliable. This kind of platform is usually made from aluminium and wood. Other advantages of these platforms include slip resistance and are sturdiness.

For construction projects, self-propelled elevating work platforms are often used to make things easier.

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