How Oracle Risk Management Solutions Reduce Your Banking Risk

Oracle Enterprise risk management solutions help banks and financial options to manage risk and address compliance dilemma. Oracle product follows Basel II regulation that provides an operational connection between fund and hazard functions.

Oracle provides the institution to unify GRC requirements and an enterprise risk management  framework to set clear accountabilities for risk management and control within the endeavor.

How Oracle Risk Management Solutions Reduce Your Banking Risk

Oracle Enterprise management alternative (OERMS) merchandise includes the methods and procedures used by companies to manage risks and creates opportunities relate to the achievement of consumer goals. ERM solutions can be described as a risk-based approach to manage an enterprise.

Oracle Financial Services Operational Risk offers an in-depth degree of insight throughout the enterprise to efficiently identify, track, and manage hazards and controls across lines of business and across procedures within an extensive governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) framework.

This provides leverage senior management and pile holders the assurance that the company is performing well.

Characteristics of Oracle risk management alternatives

It crosses all areas of menace

It enables financial institutions to manage compliance and risk-based reporting

It will help address Basel III regulations

It enables a close operational connection between finance and risk functions.

It interoperates with existing and legacy applications through Oracle open architecture

Advantages of Oracle ERM solutions

It calculates accurately risk based pricing exposure

 It assess risk for portfolio across multiple parameters

 It sets key performance indicators to reflect risk adjusted returns

It provides risk and performance metrics to rating agencies and shareholders

 It helps ensure compliances

 It defines and manages plans that cross risk and performance management.  

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